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Dear Friends!

The Perm Regional Museum and Perm club «Teddy Bear and Cо»

invite you to visit the




Nowadays hardly anyone could have the heart to say that «bears walk along the streets» in Perm. Although a bear’s presence is felt in the city. The bear is a peculiar «Permian» symbol.  Those are various planks of the Permian animal style, the emblem of the region and city, the logotype of perm organizations, the bronzed bear with the shining nose of wishes. The Bear Festival gives the opportunity to the «Permian bear» to tell about himself and with the bears of other territories.

The first Teddy Bear club was founded in Perm, in the year 2004.

The most  prestigious award of the international competition "Goldener George 2010" is won in Germany by Natasha Kataeva and Teddy Bear from the collection «Jeans Bear».

The festival 2011 was the first step to the annual event with the participation of such leaders of Teddy Bear’s movement as Anna Koetse (the Netherlands), Hildegard Guenzel (Duisburg, Germany), Ann Paut (England), the sisters Bucharaev (Moscow), Irina Myzina – the Gallery «Wachtanoff» (Moscow).

the 17-20th of July 2011


In the programme

17 June, Friday (MEDVEDAY teaches):

-         Anna Koetse’s master – class, the Netherlands

18 -19 June, Saturday - Sunday (MEDVEDAY works):

-                                 Exhibition – sale of the author’s collection bears;

-         Exhibition – sale of articles realized by the decorative – applied art’s masters;

-         Competition «Perm Bear»,  for detailed information  look (50 кб) от 16.02.2011

As well:

-                     Exhibition of old and collection toys;

-         Street festivities (performances, folk acting, amusement);

-         Series of popular lectures: bear’s image in the traditional culture;

20 June, Monday (MEDVEDAY takes a rest):

-                                 Excursion programme

(the Memorial museum of the political repressions’ history «Perm-36», the  museum «Khokhlovka», Russian banya)


                MEDVEDAY helps – the raised funds during the festival activity could help to save a life of one of the small inhabitant of Perm

To participate in the festival «MEDVEDAY» one should:

-         have a wish,

-         send an application form till the 18th of May 2011 to the mail address m-fest@mail.ru, application form (34 кб) от 16.02.2011

-         contribute an arrandement fee*  till the 18th of May 2011 – paying this fee You confirm your participation

-         arrive to Perm

*the arrangement fee is   2 500 rubles and includes the lease of the place and furniture (table-chair) for two days. The settlement account’s numberis indicated in the application form. The arrangement fee is accepted by the foreign participants a day of their arrival at the festival.

MEDVEDAY unites kind people.

This festival is for those who wish to change the world for the better.



Natasha Kataeva, Art-Director of the Perm club «Teddy Bear and C°» teddyclub@mail.ru, +7 908 27 623 19

Tatyana Vostrikova, Assistant Development Director of the Perm Regional Museum, m-fest@mail.ru, +7 902 79 845 05


 www.museum.perm.ru, www.teddyclub.narod.ru